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Инструкция.  Как и предшественник, BLADE mCP X BL обеспечивает точность и стабильность полета благодаря бесфлайбарной системе AS3X. 1 магазин. Выбор по параметрам. Доставка из магазинов России и других регионов. Also See for Blade mCP X. blade mCP X Instruction Manual 21 pages. Related Manuals for Blade mCP X. Toy Blade mQX User Manual./

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The tail hold on the little mCP 2 is for the most part, absolutely drift free - unless it blows out, and yes it does more on that later. The brushless version on the other hand is superb!

It honestly behaved almost as good as the X my favorite micro size Blade CP heli to date. The cyclic portion of the flybarless system works equally well in all areas of flight from hovering right up to very fast flying and aerobatics.

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The brushless version however has an insane power to weight ratio and could do things I would never even think of trying on my With the AS3X in charge, you never have to worry about messing with trim because the flybarless electronic stabilization always keeps the bird in perfect trim. Of course the other main benefit with a flybarless setup is less weight and less overall drag increasing power and flight times.

In fact, that is exactly what Blade are now doing - making the "X" flybarless versions of most of their single rotor helicopters, the mQX quad rotor, and my guess is even their micro coaxials are not far away from getting the "X" treatment in the near future.

Blade mCP C BL Bind N Fly RC Helicopter with AS3X | Horizon Hobby

These are the only RC helicopters I have been pleased with when it comes to decent tail holding using a motor driven fixed pitch tail rotor and the Blade mCP X 2 is no different while performing gentle type flying. The problem however is when you start bouncing between positive and negative pitch while performing aerobatics.

The issues associated with all motorized tails start showing up as the tail loses its battle against the main rotor torque - especially if running larger collective ranges and not managing your collective energy well. This is when the little mCPX 2 will draw too much power and leave nothing for the tail motor causing the tail to blow out.

Tail blow out TBO can be anywhere from mild to absolutely out of control. One would think that in the swash type setup menu, you would select degree mixing; but the flybarless electronic stabilization system performs the electronic mixing so a normal single servo 90 degree swash type must be selected simplifying setup considerably.

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That setting will give a just over 3C charge rate so a depleted pack should be charged in about 25 minutes or so. The BL version comes with the 2S 7. The short answer - very well It really was a treat to fly something this tiny that flew just like the larger collective pitch stuff and it felt so stable in both fast flight and while hovering. As I mentioned, it really reminded me of flying my Trex or even more so, my friends 3G but with much less power.

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The Hyperion G3 CX mAh batteries are one of the most popular, as they are reasonably priced, very durable, have good power output, and are designed specifically for the mCP X so require no additional soldering or modification. The HobbyKing Nano-tech mAh batteries are also a popular choice, being cheaper than the Hyperions but they lack their durability and longevity.

Horizon Hobby Blade mCPx Instruction Manual: Transmitter And Receiver Binding

Silicone O-rings Silicone O-rings can be used as dampeners between the various head and swash parts to reduce play and improve responsiveness. There are 4 sizes of O-rings which can be used on the mCP X: For dampening the 3-in-1 and on the small swash balls: Blade mCP X brushless The mCP X is arguably slightly underpowered in its stock form, with head bogging and tail-blowouts being two of the most common complaints. Installing a powerful brushless motor is an excellent way to improve performance.

Recent developments in the BLHeli firmware and aftermarket parts market provide a wide range of options for performance and price, with governed headspeeds in the RPM range achievable with the right motor and ESC. Known issues Main article: Blade mCP X known issues There are a number of known issues with the mCP X, although most of the serious ones have been fixed in the current v2 version.

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The most common and noticeable of which are: Main gear slipping down the main shaft during crashes. Simply press it back onto the shaft making sure the d-notch is aligned properly to re-set.

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Shake in flight which is generally caused by vibrations from damaged parts and dirty servos. Tail blow outs which were more common with the v1 tail blade, but are still easy to induce with poor collected management. There are a variety of remedies to the lack of tail authority, including extending the tail boom, and replacing the stock motor with a larger 7mm motor.

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