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  • Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) v1.07.03 для The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
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скайрим мод script extender 1 8 151 0 7

Скачать моды для Скайрима. Регистрация.  Моды для Skyrim» Программы и софт» Скачать SKSE версии для Скайрима Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is a scripting language for Skyrim, allowing modmejkeram to add many SKSE-Skyrim Script Extender B. Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) v  Версия обновления: v Требуемая версия: Любая (русская или английская, стим-рип, репак) не ниже Язык интерфейса и озвучки: Русский, Английский\ Патч без таблетки./

Обладатели Steam Вам сюда: GetFactions - added Cell. Works analogously to console command SetLevel called on the player 1. GetTemplate - added Ammo.

SetNodePosition - added Actor. GetFurnitureReference - added Game. IsExtraPart - added Form. IsPlayable - added ObjectReference.

Skyrim script extender скачать

Log - added Ingredient. GetMagnitude - added Art. SetPlayerKnows - added Enchantment. GetBaseEnchantment - added Perk. GetCastTime - changed ActorAction slot value to match other functions 0-left 1-right 2-voice - added Actor. GetEquippedObject, returns the base form of the object equipped in the left, right, and voice slots - HasKeywordString returns false when the keyword is not found - added Game.

IsTakeable - support for beta runtime 1. That is where this mod comes in. Gone are the old issues with unusable ingots and duplicated items! The mod has received a total makeover, literally rebuilt from the ground up.

This means you can be assured a much better economic experience than before. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why are enchanted items sometimes cheaper than their base counterparts? This is because they do not share value information with their base items. Unfortunately, it would be terribly impractical to include them to have their values changed there are just too many.

This issue is known to me and there is nothing I can do to address it, so please do not ask. Why does the Regional Values script take so long to execute?

Because the Papyrus VM is a terrible platform for handling large amounts of items as I am. I never get the prompt to start the mod! What do I do? Download the Loose Scripts version of the mod and use it instead. This occurs if the game fails to properly load the scripts when the mod is started.

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If it is below 1. Is this mod clean? They will instead be geared towards selling food, books, clothing why do none of the merchants in this game sell clothes?! There will be an occasional, though very slight, chance for rare items to be in stock, though you will need to have played the game for some time before you can actually see them for the sake of balance.

This menu are strictly adhered to, as they do need to keep costs down. Buying local product is a good way to save some coin. Instead, what is available for you to purchase depends on where in Skyrim you are shopping.

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). Автор: goldzoloto.ru Версия: Дата выхода: Совместимость: (имеется версия для ).  Установка: Пожалуй один из немногих мод который не установишь через нексус!

Whiterun and Riften, for instance, now have vastly different goods for sale. This is done to A: If you are shopping for spells and soul gems, your best bet is to visit your local court mage or take a carriage to Winterhold. They are also the only merchants who are openly willing to sell you lockpicks. Also, try the fondue, mages love the stuff!

Leather, Iron, and Corundum copper , meat and game. Lots of meat and hides, as well as plentiful iron. Goods are geared towards a more middle-class standard of living. There will be a higher chance than other areas to see other armor and weapon types in town given, such as Dwemer or Elven. Iron and Corundum is available plentifully. They will not stock higher grades, as they are not in the business of combat archery.

Vegetable stews are also popular fare. Dwemer metal, silver, and gold. Silver and Gold is available in great supply, as well, but little animal hides.

Clothing is geared towards mining with a bit of finery here and there. And lots of jewelery. Markarth is also almost the only place in Skyrim you can find raw gemstones for sale. Dwemer metal scraps and silver can be purchased as ore. Leafier vegetables are not often found fresh, as the Reach makes for very poor farmland.

Ebony and Malachite, wood, vegetables. You will see Ebony more often than Glass here. River fish, as well, due to the presence of plentiful lakes. That being said, farm space has been cleared, and the ground is very fertile, so fresh fruits are plentiful. Moonstone and Quicksilver, fish. Vegetables are a bit more difficult due to how far north Solitude is, and the rocky environment prevents good farming.

Skyrim Script Extender 64 / SKSE64

Clothing is geared towards upper-class, and plenty of fish. Horker can also be found occasionally. As the Thalmor are magically inclined, rarer ingredients can be found more commonly in Solitude.

You cannot buy iron and steel at all here, they need it for Legion equipment. Higher quality bows and arrows can be purchased here.

Malachite and Ebony from Morrowind, fish, leather. Little farmland is available, but what can be used is extremely fertile due to the volcanic presence, making for a decent supply of vegetables.

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Giant toes and Ice Wraith teeth can be found more often, too, as Nord tradition runs very deeply through the city slaying a giant or an ice wraith is a Rite of Passage in Nordic culture. Glass and some Ebony can be found more easily here than other Holds, specifically Glass thanks to the mines in Kynesgrove. Falkreath - Plenty of wood and birds means plenty of arrows from fletchers. Morthal - Marshy ingredients are plentifully sold, but selections are limited here due to the largely isolated community and resource-poor surroundings.

Dawnstar - A small trade hub in the far northern reaches, a fairly good selection of non-local goods is often found here. Winterhold - This is the place to go if you want magical gear. Spell tomes, scrolls, and robes can be bought for cheap and are readily available in Winterhold. If you see a merchant has "XXX Armor Set" in stock, if you buy that item, every piece of that armor including the shield, if applicable will be added to your inventory. As you travel, you might notice the published values of the items you are carrying are fluctuating.

What you are seeing is how much merchants in the area are willing to pay for the items you are carrying around. You may not get too much out of a jewelry sale in Markarth, due to the abundance of Gold and Silver in the region, but in Whiterun, you can get a much better deal.

Need to make some fast cash? Why not BE the traveling trader who is responsible for all those non-local goods everyone else is selling?

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) v ,61 Kb.  У меня скайрим не запускается почему то после установки патча(или надо сначало скачать затем затем и только потом ?

If you want to play the role of a traveling merchant, this mod is right up your alley. This mod provides a number of options for you to choose from for how much extra gold you want your merchants to have. And you may change this whenever you wish, though please take note for the sake of balance, your changes will not take effect for any merchants you have already visited until the next time their inventories are restocked. Metalwork is a fine craft that encompasses so much more than retail sales, so now the blacksmiths will be allowed a means of exercising that craft for you.

All you need is some coin to spend. Blacksmiths can temper your weapons for you now if you do not wish to do it yourself. A new dialogue topic is available with all blacksmiths while they offer services: Choose which you want or change you mind if you hit the topic by mistake and the smith will inform you to what grade of quality he is capable of improving your gear to, and will do so.

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Why not ask for it to be made for you? A new dialogue topic is available with all blacksmiths: For each item you purchase, you must wait one game day before you can obtain it so if you order three items, you will need to wait three days until you can pick up your order. An Objective will be displayed for you that will show you how long you have left to wait to help you keep track of your orders easily, and will count down every 24 hours. Once the full time you need to wait has elapsed, the Objective will update telling you your order with a particular blacksmith is ready, and a Quest Marker will point the way to the Smith in question in case you forgot.

You may only have ten orders pending at a single time. Both of these features are universally compatible, so you will be able to access them from any blacksmith in the world, including those added by other mods. This price is non-negotiable. You can use Petty all the way up to Grand souls. Once you select the soul quality, you will be brought to the Enchanting menu.

From here, simply use it as normal. You may only enchant one item at a time. I would have preferred this not be the case, but due to some shortcomings in the Enchantimg menu logic, this is the only option on the table right now. You may only use enchantments that have been learned through Disenchantment in the service. This is a hardcoded game mechanic that cannot be changed.

But thankfully for you, the Court Mages offer free Disenchantment services but note you will not receive any Enchanting skill boosts. As with the Blacksmith services, this feature is universally compatible, so you may access it from any mods that add their own court mages. Speak to the merchant in question and ask to use his equipment, and for a fee Gold you will be able to use their crafting equipment for 24 hours.

This feature is currently only compatible with the vanilla merchants. Dawnguard will not be covered due to this being unnecessary for them you must join factions to use the new workbenches in Dawnguard, which defeats the purpose of paying for them. Installation Skyrim Script Extender is required! No ifs, ands, or buts about it, you need it, end of story!

The mod is provided in a BAIN-friendly format so that you may quickly drop it into your Installers folder and install.

Nexus Mod Manager users: If you use none of the above: So if you save and quit with Regional Values active, turn off the mod, and come back, all of your item values will be back to normal.

No muss, no fuss. It is recommended you do save your game somewhere away from any merchants, though, and after you do uninstall the mod, wait for at least two game days so that their inventories will be restocked with the vanilla items.

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