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Clean UI Launcher Лаунчер с дизайном iOS 8. Особенность лаунчера в том, что он идет вместе со шторкой, блокировкой и контроль. Репутация: +. Songsterr версия: Последнее обновление программы в шапке: Прикрепленное изображение. #. Довольно новая абсолютно переработанная модификация на движке San goldzoloto.ru ui полная версияРазработчик Flanker постарался и 30 марта./

Please tend to this problems And notification access is not complete totally is great work go on Oct.

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July 12, 86 Julie Banerji Good! But the look screen problem is very bad. App operates very smoothly. When I have a voicemail, the indicator light flashes but no voicemail indicator on the notification bar.

March 2, 86 Raees Ahmed Not impressed First it was cool but then I noticed that the brightness auto switched to half instead of my usual auto brightness. Every time I switch it back it keeps switching it back to half.

Need to fix this. Secondly the lock screen has many bugs which are on all reviews by all devices which you need to fix to. Its good but u should make the notification bar open like the real one and not just press the status bar and opening. Just a few issues.. I sometimes cant see all of my apps and the notification bar status bar doesnt have any animation then.. Pls fix all that then 5 stars Nov.

Bust its really good, i felt like im using iPhone, so smooth and super fast!! I did the accessibility menu thing. July 10, 86 Said Najafy Galaxy note 4 Please update the app.

June 30, 86 maxie clark Love it first Loved it at first but as the days went by it keeps crashing. I kept putting up with it but got tired of restarting my phone to get it to operate. Hope you guys can fix it.. It is really good.. Especially since espier is gone.

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Wish they were still up.. Problems occur mostly with the lock screen though. March 27, 86 Reid Ashford Leonhart Theres a problem with the notification bar. Everytime i drag it down, It says "the process.

And also the brightness of the launcher keeps on changing. And lastly put a sim signal strenth on the notification. The places of the icons keep on changing itself. Pls fix this so i can rate 5 stars Dec. But it needs some improvement like transition effect zoom out when unlock as should be improve as in ilauncher and ios 9 like icons and root access for good multi task other wise it is perfect Sept.

Many problems must fix how to get status bar control centre component?? I completely purchased all the in-app purchases as i thought that this app would be a superb replica of iPhone but was disappointed to see that there are many problems and loopholes associated with it..!! Fix it and it might be probably the best iOS replica out there. July 5, 86 Darwin Cruz Ask How do i remove the thing on the bottom right because i keep on accidentally pressing that instead of the app icon under it.

And how do i disable the thing when i press the very bottom of the screen then a music like options appear. D April 2, 86 Shaheer Khan Status bar issue Want to give it a 5 star but having an issue with the status bar. I will be really pleased if you can resolve this problem.

Скачать полную версию CLEAN UI — Icon Pack на android бесплатно по apk ссылке!

The UI is amazing and it is clean. Wish the call screen would change too when in a call. Everything is just fine but the most important thing goes wrong! Very poor strategy, hence the above rating. May 8, 86 Eeunjeung Eeunjeung what!?? Before this i have try this app.. May 12, 86 daily hacks [many things at one place] Amazing but not perfect This is best launcher but still has problems in case of notybar and icons.

I had to get a new phone, cuz I messed up my other one.

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This ran perfect on the other one. I really want it fixed. I loved this app. It really fooled people I had an iPhone. Please fix it please March 9, 86 jerwin paculan good but could be better bought the control center but i cant do much about it.

Why not set it to auto, so that it changes to the specific colour each time. Make it more compatible for s3 minis so that it runs more smoothly. Oh and the signal bar should be dots instead of bars. Then I found this launcher. Replicates the ios software very well. It took some time adjusting to the customization options but looks great!

The only thing missing is the notification bar and panel. Please fix or refund my money. This app has great potential, but needs some improvements. And the calender is off by a day, why?

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However the notifications bar does not show things like snapchat and Instagram, twitter ect. Hopefully this can get fixed. Over then that amazing app! July 22, 86 Ginmuansang Ngaihte Really nice.

But i will give you only 3 stars because it is not working perfectly. The app is a little bit rough round the edges. When i press home button I get a blank screen with only the Clean UI setting icon displayed.

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I have to press home button again and again to get all the apps shown. An alle die hier Custom Symbols und so weiter haben wollen, dann solltet ihr wieder zum stocklauncher oder einem anderen androidlauncher wechseln. Oktober Geht so.. Hat noch ein paar hacken.. August APP ist normalerweise sehr gut. Nur auf dem Samsung S7 funktioniert sie nicht mehr.

Dann gibts wieder 5 Sterne. Sonst aber voll cool: Juni Akkuverbrauch Der Akkuverbrauch ist echt zu hoch. Respekt an die Entwickler. An sonsten die beste APP in dieser Sparte. Wenn das mit den Kontakten geregelt werden kann, gibt es auch 5 Sterne. Oktober I love it but I have a problem with the status bar. Dezember Richtig schlechte App. November Eigentlich total Perfekt!! Januar Mega Das ist die App die ich immer gesucht habe!

Trotzdem 5 Sterne verdient! D aka Black Horny Dude

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