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htc desire 601 service manual

Генералиссимус. Группа: Администраторы. Сообщений: Статус: Offline. Service manual HTC Desire DS формат PDF cкачать. View and Download Htc Desire user manual online. Desire Cell Phone pdf manual download. Restoring your backup from your online storage to HTC Desire 19 .. phone from your computer using the HTC Get Started service. Your phone shows you./

Inserting the battery Please use only original batteries that came in the box or replacements that HTC recommends. Insert the battery with its exposed copper contacts first into the battery compartment. When the battery power is too low, make sure to use the power adapter to charge, not the USB cable connection with your computer.

Insert the other end of the USB cable into the power adapter. Plug in the power adapter to an electrical outlet to start charging the battery. Tap Power off on the options menu. Want some quick guidance on your phone? Just type in some keywords and get clear, up-to-date answers right on HTC Desire Tap a search result to jump straight to that item.

You can enable TalkBack to navigate by spoken feedback before selecting the language. Draw a square in the clockwise direction on the screen and then tap OK. Walk through the on-device setup to choose your Internet connection, select how you want to set up your new phone, and more. You need an HTC Account to save your accounts and settings on the Web and download them to your phone.

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To avoid incurring data fees, disable these features under Settings. For more information on location services, see Turning location services on or off on page The types of locally stored content on your old phone that the tool can transfer include contacts, messages, calendar events, web bookmarks, music, photos, and videos. Some settings can also be transferred.

For details, see Transferring contacts from your old phone through Bluetooth on page Do one of the following: If this happens, tap Unable to establish a connection on your new phone to use Bluetooth for transferring contacts from your old phone.

On your old phone, choose the types of content you want to transfer, and then tap Start. Wait for the transfer to finish.

Tap Done on both phones. If you only need to migrate your contacts, you can also use Bluetooth transfer.

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Transferring contacts from your old phone through Bluetooth Use Bluetooth to transfer contacts from an iPhone, a phone that has Android version 2. Depending on the capabilities of your old phone, you may be able to transfer not only contacts but also other data such as calendar events and text messages to your new HTC phone.

Choose whether to transfer from an Android phone, iPhone, or other phone types. If you chose to transfer from an Android phone, tap Quick transfer. On your old phone, turn Bluetooth on and set it to discoverable mode.

Htc Desire 601 User Manual

Follow the onscreen instructions on your old and new phones to pair them and start the data transfer. You can also use it to transfer contacts, messages, and other content from an iPhone to your computer, and then to your HTC Desire Social network accounts Log in to your favorite social networks to sync contact information from them.

Transferring photos, videos, and music between your phone and computer There are two ways you can transfer your media from or to your computer. Your computer will recognize it just like any removable USB drive, and you can copy your media between them.

You can set it up to automatically get music, photos, and videos off HTC Desire to your computer. You can also sync playlists from your computer to the phone. If you have an iPhone, you can even connect it and transfer camera roll photos to your computer. Then reconnect HTC Desire and copy them over.

Service manual HTC Desire 601 DS - Раздел по радиоэлектронике

Tired of keeping copies of your media in several places? Use online storage services to put your media in one place so you can manage them anywhere — on your computer, HTC Desire , and other mobile devices. Use the Gallery app to access media in your online storage. Customize it to show posts from your social networks, headlines from your favorite news media, and more.

For details, see Checking feeds on your Home screen on page See Personalizing the launch bar on page And if you need more Home screen panels, you can add more. For details, see Personalizing on page Press to return to the Home screen you were last in. Do this and more in Settings. Open Settings either from the Quick settings panel or the All Apps screen. Here are some of the basic settings you can change: Tap the item itself to configure its settings.

Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap the system update notification. When download is complete, select Install now, and then tap OK. After updating, HTC Desire will restart. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap the update notification. The Updates screen opens with the list of application updates to be installed.

Tap an item to view its details, and then tap. Checking for updates manually 1. Go to Settings, and then tap About. HTC Desire checks if updates are available.

Once connected, tap Check now to check for updates.

Choose from a wide variety of free and paid apps ranging from productivity apps, entertainment, to games. You will be asked to confirm method of payment when you purchase an app. Finding and installing an app When you install apps and use them on HTC Desire , they may require access to your personal information or access to certain functions or settings.

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Download and install only apps that you trust. Be cautious when downloading apps that have access to functions or a significant amount of your data on HTC Desire Open the Play Store app. Browse or search for an app. When you find the app that you like, tap it and read its description and user reviews. To download or purchase the app, tap Install for free apps or the price button for paid apps.

Apps sometimes get updated with improvements or bug fixes. To open the app, go to the All Apps screen and tap the app. Restoring apps from Google Play Upgraded to a new phone, replaced a lost one, or performed a factory reset? Restore apps that you previously downloaded.

Swipe to the All tab, and then tap the app you want to restore. For more details, refer to the Google Play help. Apps downloaded from websites can be from unknown sources.

To help protect HTC Desire and your personal data, we strongly recommend that you only download from websites you trust. Open the browser, and then go to the website where you can download the app you want.

Most of the preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled. From the All apps view, press and hold the app you want to remove, and then drag it to Uninstall. If you purchased an app in Play Store, you can uninstall it for a refund within a limited time. To know more about the refund policy for paid apps, refer to the Google Play help. See Setting up your new phone for the first time on page See Transferring content from an Android phone on page See a variety of content such as feeds about news and your interests, social network updates, HTC Desire tips, and more.

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See Checking feeds on your Home screen on page HTC Zoe Experience a whole new way of capturing and retouching photos. See Gallery on page Video Highlights automatically selects the highlights of an event from your photos to create a half-minute show with a musical theme.

See Viewing the highlights of an event on page See Taking a photo while recording a video VideoPic on page See Taking a panoramic photo on page See Taking continuous camera shots on page See Using HDR on page See Changing the video playback speed on page See Sharing on a big screen on page Basics Touch gestures Use touch gestures to get around the Home screen, open apps, scroll through lists, and more.

Press and hold To open the available options for an item for example, a contact or link in a webpage , just press and hold the item. Drag Press and hold your finger with some pressure before you start to drag.

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Flick Flicking the screen is similar to swiping, except that you need to swipe your finger in light, quicker strokes, such as when moving right and left on the Home screen, or flicking through a contacts or message list.

Press and hold the widget or icon with one finger, and flick the screen to the new location with another finger. Slide with two fingers In some apps, like Gallery, Messages, Mail, or the web browser, slide two fingers apart to zoom in when viewing a picture or text. Airplane Mode When you enable Airplane Flight mode, all wireless radios on your phone are turned off, including the call function, data services, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar to open Quick settings. Select a sound and touch Apply. Touch an account type. You can set up these accounts on your phone: Enter your account information and follow screen instructions to proceed.

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Touch Next to continue with regular setup, or touch Manual setup if your account requires additional customization. Enter an account name and your name, and then touch Finish setup.

You can also use the Mail app to set up additional email accounts.

HTC Desire 601

For more information, see Add an Email Account. Touch the account that you want to remove. Touch Remove account to confirm. Some personal data may be retained by the third-party app after you have removed the account from your phone.

Sync All Your Accounts Automatically 1. Turning on Location setting will allow the network to detect your position using GPS technology, making some applications and services easier to use. Touch Lock phone after, and then specify the idle time before the screen is locked. Use a Screen Unlock Password 1. Internet Service Provider roaming settings.

Just add your login credentials to support the Drag the brightness slider to the left to decrease or to the right to Settings, and Choose the settings you want to conserve battery power. You can set the idle time before the screen turns off Install from sites that you want to install.

To exit magnification mode, open another app or triple You must set a lock screen PIN or password before installing a digital certificate Earn points for your review!

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